No Place for Decent Women

No Place for Decent Women Series

Travel from England to Canada in 1903. Three friends leave their homes to find adventure in the far-flung reaches of the British Empire. Each has secret they cannot share.

BOOK 1 – Delia

Lady Cordelia Fowler has a gift that could have her committed to the local asylum if her brother, Oliver, finds she’s roaming around the countryside healing animals. She has six months until her twenty-first birthday and if she remains unmarried, she can control her own fortune. Oliver and his new wife have other plans for Delia’s future.

When Delia’s best friend, Maggie, is encouraged by her father to seek opportunities offered through the British Women’s Emigration Association (BWEA) for a new life in Saskatchewan, Canada. Delia decides to escape by accompanying Maggie. However, when you’re Lady Cordelia Fowler it’s hard to disappear, even in the far-flung portions of the British Empire, as Delia will soon discover.

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