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No Place for Decent Women Series

A new series set in England and Canada in the late 1880’s. Four women with special abilities leave England to find their future in the far-flung reaches of the British Empire.

BOOK 1 – Outbound

The women in Lady Cordelia Fowler’s family are known throughout the county for their special skills with horses. Now, it seems her brother and new sister-in-law are about to trade Delia, into a marriage she doesn’t want, to a neighbor they are indebted to.

When Delia’s best friend, Maggie, is encouraged by her father to seek opportunities offered through the British Women’s Emigration Association (BWEA) for a new life in Saskatchewan, Canada Delia decides to foil her family’s plans by accompanying Maggie. However, when you’re Lady Cordelia Fowler it’s hard to disappear, even in the far-flung portions of the British Empire, as Delia will soon discover.”

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