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Fifteen-year-old Wilf Gilvary wants nothing to do with magic. Despite being born a wizard, he prefers to spend his time playing soccer with his team in Hong Kong. When his father evaporates and leaves both his ring and access to his secret workshop to Wilf alone, Wilf becomes the only hope for the ailing Magical Realm. Traveling to Mathowytch with a powerful witch named Eventrude, Wilf must set aside his intrinsic biases to embrace his reality and save the Magical Realm from destruction. This first in its series introduces readers to a world based in magic realism, balancing familiar references to the Normal Realm with the power and dynamics of a more magical place. Alongside the fantastic elements are universal human emotions of pride, fear, love, and loyalty, and the relationships are more complex than the simple dichotomy of good versus evil. Excellent pacing and delivery keep readers engaged in the story as it unfolds, allowing them to observe the shifting alliances and to actively anticipate what will happen next. Occasional profanity and intense action sequences place this book in the middle of the spectrum of young adult literature, and is a good fit for confident readers who enjoy investigating the realities of the world through a fictional lens. A character list at the beginning of the book orients readers to the myriad participants in the story, reinforcing the worldbuilding established by the narrative, itself. Told from several perspectives, this story gives readers more information than any of the characters have on their own, increasing dramatic tension from one chapter to the next. Well-designed, this book establishes a compelling foundation and encourages readers to discover what happens in the next installment. This is a dynamic addition to libraries for young adult readers. Grades 9-12.

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Containing the short story “Moving On”

I’ve signed a contract for another short story to be published in the next 25 Servings of SOOP Anthology. Publication date November 1st, 2021.


Work is progressing with the Virus Series Book 3. Provisional publication date is March 2022.

A big thank you to everyone who has written reviews on-line and have been spreading the word about The Virus of Beauty Series.